Summit Board Supports #BFair2DirectCare Campaign

bod-letterAt its November 15 meeting, Summit’s Board of Directors signed a letter to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in support of the #bFair2DirectCare Coalition’s “300 Days to Better Pay” campaign.

The letter reads:

Dear Governor Cuomo,

Over 125,000 New Yorkers with developmental disabilities depend on the care of direct support professionals to live, work, and learn as part of their communities. These professionals perform difficult and intimate work with people that need this support to live safe and fulfilling lives.

Tens of thousands of direct support professionals (DSPs) and other direct care workers at not-for-profit organizations help people around the clock and are part of the fabric that holds our communities together.

In recognition of Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week, our Board of Directors passed the attached resolution to support and honor our direct support professionals during the week of November 27 – December 3, 2016.

After eight years without a significant adjustment in wages and recent increases in the minimum wage, we believe it is time for New York State to recognize the skills and knowledge of staff that support people with developmental disabilities with wages that reflect the complexity of their work. These are not minimum wage jobs and to not increase wages threatens the progress that has been made over the last four decades for people with disabilities. It’s time to say a fair day’s work equals a fair day’s pay.

We support the #bFair2DirectCare Coalition’s “300 Days to Better Pay” campaign. We ask you to recognize the compassionate and professional excellence of these individuals by supporting fair pay and a living wage for direct support professionals and other vital staff that help support tens of thousands of New Yorkers with developmental disabilities.

Please include funding for wage increases for the people that support people with developmental disabilities in your next state budget.

Thank you,

The Summit Center Board of Directors