ABAworks Clinic

Applied behavior analysis therapy and techniques truly work, which is why we named our autism treatment program ABAworks. Proven to be extremely effective, we utlilize ABA techniques to help increase your child’s independence and decrease their challenging behaviors. If your child with autism has a lack of safety awareness, challenging behaviors, or difficulty with self-help skills or limited leisure skills, he or she may be eligible for services through The Summit Center’s ABAworks Autism Clinic.

With 10 staff psychologists and 19 Board Certified Behavior Analysts specializing in applied behavior analysis techniques and therapy, The Summit Center’s team of professionals has the experience and training to help your child with autism make measurable progress.

The Autism clinic was developed in response to the New York State Autism Insurance Law that was passed in November 2012. This law requires state regulated insurance companies to cover services for individuals with autism.



Our team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation for children who may have an autism spectrum disorder. This evaluation will include a family interview, direct assessment of your child, treatment recommendations, and referrals for services as necessary, where applied behavior analysis therapy can be implemented.

Comprehensive ABA Treatment

Utilizing applied behavior analysis techniques, a treatment plan may include 1:1 instruction up to 20 hours per week. Such a program includes:

  • behavioral assessment
  • individualized program design
  • ABA training for parent/family
  • on-going data collection and analysis
  • supervision by a New York State licensed psychologist

Focused ABA Treatment

Many individuals with autism experience feeding, sleeping and toileting issues. Some also exhibit behavior disorder difficulties related to aggression, self-injury, and stereotypy. Our clinicians will:

  • conduct a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) to identify variables maintaining the behavior
  • develop a treatment plan
  • provide training on how to implement the plan
  • provide follow-up consultation

Before applied behavior analysis therapy services can begin, we may need authorization from your insurance or a referral, depending on your contract, indicating that ABA services are medically necessary. To assist you with obtaining this authorization, please call our office at 716-629-3476.