Genesis Community Services

The Summit Center is one of several vendor agencies within the Family Voices Network which provides wrap around supports for individuals with serious emotional, social, and/or behavioral challenges and their families. We provide behavioral support services, in-home support services, and other developmental disabilities services for families in need.

We want you to have a voice. The Wrap Around Philosophy emphasizes that families are better served when they have a choice in the treatment process and when support networks and care providers collaborate to address their particular needs. This approach actively engages the family at every stage, identifies and enhances its strengths, and produces more successful and enduring outcomes for individuals and families using our behavioral and in-home support services.

Genesis seeks to expand the services The Summit Center provides to those with challenges that place them at risk for out-of-home placement.


1) What is different about the Genesis Community Support Services approach?

Genesis offers Wrap Around Services which are comprehensive, home-based, mental health and case management services designed to support youth in the least restrictive environment. Wrap Around is a process driven by the unique values, strengths, dreams, and needs of each individual family and child. The Wrap Around philosophy stresses the community as active participants in meeting the needs of our children.

2) Who is eligible?

Wrap Around Services are provided to children (ages 5 – 17) and their families living in Erie County who have been identified as having complex needs. Services are provided to those diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance or those who are dually-diagnosed and require more than traditional therapy services.

3) How do I access services?

Children and their families must be referred to Family Voices Network of Erie County at 716.858.1546. Referrals may be made by parents or caregivers, caseworkers, counselors, hospitals, schools, Family Court, Juvenile Justice staff, Department of Social Services, or other agencies. The process begins with a phone call to Family Voices Network at 716.858.1546.

Once an individual is approved for services, the Intake Screening Committee will assign the family to a Care Coordination Agency. Determining the specific agency or program is based upon availability, family preference, and/or agency specialty.

More information:

Identifying Goals

Genesis Community Support Services staff begin by setting goals for the family member they are assigned to within the first month of contact. This goal setting starts with the family vision, considering the needs of the individual to whom the staff is assigned. Goals are discussed with the team during regular Child and Family Team meetings in order to stay true to the Wrap Around philosophy.

Fostering Natural, Social and Community Supports

Research indicates that individuals with strong social supports tend to be more resilient. Research also shows that parents raising children who exhibit a high level of challenging behaviors often have depleted social and community supports. Genesis staff will work on identifying appropriate supports that are easily and readily accessible to the family. These supports will be in line with the family culture and the family vision.

Addressing Risk Factors

There are many risk factors that contribute to negative behaviors in children including negative peer association, family conflict, and/or discipline or supervision issues. Family/client risk factors will be assessed by Genesis Community Support Services staff and interventions will focus on reducing identified risk factors.

Expanding Protective Factors

Research indicates that interventions that support and teach parents skills associated with protective factors improve outcomes. Protective factors include appropriate discipline, supervision, and problem solving. Genesis Community Support Staff will work to build upon family protective factors.

Expertise Regarding Developmentally Disabled Children and Youth

Early Intervention Programs provide behavior support services for children between infancy and the age of three. The earlier children with developmental disabilities are treated, the more encouraging the treatment outcomes over time. Genesis Community Support Staff are trained in recognizing the symptoms of Autism and other Developmental Disabilities which can help a child get screened and diagnosed during the crucial formative years.

Evidence Based Practice

As an organization focused on optimal outcomes for children through developmental disabilities services and in-home support services, The Summit Center has procedures in place to assess the progress of all individuals within its network of programs and supports. The progress of children, youth and families are periodically reviewed with staff to ensure goals are met. Clinical staff will measure change over time with reliable and valid measures that gauge progress.

Contact: For more information, call us at 629-3400