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What is a Pediatric Feeding Disorder?

Pediatric feeding disorders are diagnosed when a child demonstrates difficulties with eating or drinking that negatively affects a child’s weight or overall nutrition. Research shows that up to 60% of children may experience a feeding disorder at some time during infancy and/or early childhood that persists as the child grows. Each child’s feeding difficulties are unique. Some children develop feeding problems because of underlying medical issues that make eating painful. Other children may have missed the opportunity to learn to eat appropriately due to illness or developmental delays. Still others may not feel hungry, have oral sensitivities, or lack the overall skills involved in eating (e.g. difficulty chewing and/or swallowing), making mealtimes unpleasant.

Common symptoms related to pediatric feeding disorder:

  • Difficulty maintaining or gaining weight
  • Food selectivity (e.g. only eats certain brands or textures)
  • Low oral intake or tube dependency
  • Inappropriate mealtime behavior that causes stress at mealtimes


Summit’s Pediatric Feeding Clinic offers an outpatient feeding therapy program providing assessment and behavioral treatment for childhood (birth – 12 years) feeding problems. Working with your child’s pediatrician and other professionals, our team of licensed psychologists will:

  • Assess your child’s feeding concerns
  • Work with you to develop goals for treatment
  • Develop a plan to address your goals and to reduce stress around mealtimes
  • Work with you through all stages of intervention to effectively implement the plan
  • Monitor your child’s progress to ensure success with the pediatric feeding therapy plan

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