Skill Building Groups

Summit offers two highly specialized skill building groups for children in Western New York struggling with a range of social and communication challenges.

No Groups Currently Planned.

Building ADDitions

The program offers children with behavior problems the opportunity to receive treatment for peer difficulties in a natural setting. Children learn skills to help them improve peer relationships through the use of modeling and role play. They will discuss the use of key social skills and how these skills can help them at home and school. Following the social skills discussion, children participate in a cooperative activity such as a sports game or a problem solving activity.

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Building Connections

Building Connections is a unique cognitive-behavioral treatment program designed to further develop the social competencies of children, allowing them to optimally connect with their peers, siblings, teachers, and caregivers. Participants will be assigned to small groups based on their age. Each session involves interactive and engaging Skillstreaming groups, followed by cooperative activities designed to practice the targeted social competencies.

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