The purpose of Summit Foundation, Inc. is to conduct charitable activities and provide funds in support of The Summit Center and the individuals we serve.

Roy Jordan, President
North Forest Development

Tom Rosenecker, Vice President
American Eagle Fireplaces

Neil Arnold, Secretary
Independent Venture Capital & Private Equity Professional

David Aston
Niagara National Insurance

Joseph Brown
Hodgson Russ

Richard Cahlstadt

M&T Bank

Gerald Cornish
Merrill Lynch

Phil Corwin
Corwin Holdings and Corwin Development

Rosemary Gambacorta

Patricia Jordan

North Forest Development

Kent Keating
Buffalo Precision Glass

Michael Nurse

John Persons
Tops Markets

Andrew Ryan
Ashton Potter

Laura Ryan
LAMA, Inc.

Mark Martin – Honorary Member
M&T Bank

Mark Maisano – Honorary Member