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150 Stahl Road
Getzville, NY 14068

Summit Academy

Summit Academy is one of the leading schools for autism in WNY providing high quality, evidence-based instruction, with a focus on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

Summit Academy students truly love coming to school! That’s because our dedicated faculty and staff strive to make each school day the best it can be.

We provide an alternative education program for children with autism and other developmental disabilities whose needs cannot be met in a public school. Children and young adults residing in Western New York are eligible for admission if approved by their local school district. We accept students ages 3 – 21 years old with special needs resulting from autism, communication disorders, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions.

Individual attention is key to each student’s success. Our instructional team works with the school district and parents/caregivers to develop an individualized educational plan (IEP) based on the student’s learning style, capabilities, and strengths. Speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other services may also be included. Our goal is to help students achieve the highest level of personal growth and independence.

Summit Academy schools include:

Summit Academy-Stahl
150 Stahl Road, Getzville NY 14068

Summit Academy-Creekside
165 Creekside Dr., Amherst, NY 14228

Summit Academy-Hazelwood*
30 Hazelwood Dr., Amherst, NY 14228

Summit Academy-Elmwood*
124 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY 14201

Summit Academy Enhanced
165 Creekside Dr., Amherst, NY 14228

*Our newest schools, Summit Academy-Hazelwood and Summit Academy-Elmwood will continue to use their existing approach to education for the current school year. Please click here for more information.

Preschool (Ages 3 - 5)

Summit’s preschool program provides special education and therapeutic services for children with autism and other developmental disabilities in a highly-structured and nurturing environment with rich staffing ratios.

We employ a unique team approach that includes special education teachers, speech-language professionals, and other specialized providers working together to help students acquire the language, social, motor, and academic skills necessary for kindergarten. Our teaching methods incorporate applied behavior analysis (ABA), an evidence-based therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. We carefully monitor each student’s progress to ensure they are achieving new milestones.

Summit Academy offers both full- and half-day programs depending on a child’s needs. In addition to our traditional special education classroom, our school provides the opportunity for integrated programs when appropriate.

Integrated Preschool Program

Summit Academy operates an integrated preschool program that serves children with and without developmental disabilities. This allows children with developmental disabilities to play and learn together with typically developing children from our Discovery Kids Child Care Center. As a result, students with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to absorb important language and social interaction skills with support from their special education team. The program blends the best practices of early childhood education and special education so that all children maximally benefit from the experience.

Elementary (Ages 5 – 13)

Summit Academy’s school-age program provides a 12-month school experience for students.

Throughout Summit Academy’s school-age program, classrooms of six, eight, or 12 students work with a dedicated team of professionals. These teams include a special education teacher; instructional assistants and aides; behavior support professionals; speech, occupational, physical therapists; and an educational supervisor. Faculty and staff members have specialized expertise that is implemented within the framework of applied behavior analysis in a consistent, structured and nurturing environment. This allows us to build the skills and confidence of each student while challenging academic, social, and functional growth.

Summit Academy offers a variety of programs which, in collaboration with parents, develop domestic and self-help skills and reduce behaviors that interfere with learning. Intensive supports, including functional analysis and intervention development, are available for students who display severe problem behaviors. Implementation of all procedures, as well as the students’ progress, are monitored and reviewed regularly.

Throughout the school year, students have robust opportunities for academics, leisure, and daily living skills. Depending on the needs of the students, academics and related services may be delivered in highly-structured situations with a rich ratio of staff to students, or in a naturalistic or generalized situation. Students also have the opportunity to access technology, art, music, and adapted physical education, including our fitness center.

Our on-site nursing staff are available to communicate with parents/caregivers and deliver and track medical information.

Secondary (Ages 14 – 21)

As our students get older, we want to prepare them for life after Summit Academy.

Students ages 14 – 21 need the opportunity to practice activities for real-world daily living, thus fostering greater independence and community inclusion. Summit Academy has established unique home and work environments expressly for this purpose. Our daily life skills program focuses on the development of functional academics, leisure, domestic, and self-help skills in a simulated home environment at school. For example, students might practice functional academics by preparing a budget, or further develop their domestic skills by preparing a favorite food. Our goal for all students is to help them achieve the greatest possible level of independence.

The Summit Academy Paddock Vocational Training Center provides students with disabilities the opportunity to learn the skills needed to become a productive member of the community. Our highly qualified team of special education teachers, job coaches, and related professionals work together to ensure that each student’s skills are well-aligned with the needs of the business. When they are ready, our students benefit from 1:1 instruction and on-site training, and the business benefits from the student’s desire to learn while using this cost-effective solution. All services are provided at no cost to the business and result in tremendous learning and training opportunities for students.

Students (ages 14-21) in the Summit Academy Paddock Vocational Training Center  program have many strengths and take great pride in their work. They are eager to learn and enjoy the opportunity to work as part of their educational program.