Summit Academy Enhanced

Summit Academy Enhanced (Ages 12 - 21)

The Summit Center's newest program, Summit Academy Enhanced, will provide specialized services for students who display severe challenging behavior.

Opening in fall of 2022, Summit Academy Enhanced is the first educational program of its kind in New York State to provide a highly specialized, behavioral assessment and treatment program for students ages 12 and up who display severe challenging behavior.

Located in the brand-new wing of Summit Academy’s 165 Creekside Drive site in Amherst, this school-based day program will feature five classrooms serving up to 30 students.

Admission criteria include:

  • diagnosis of a developmental disability
  • significant cognitive/intellectual delays
  • presence of severe behaviors (i.e. self-injury, aggression, property destruction)
  • student requires behavioral intervention and support beyond that provided by Summit Academy

SAE will employ a multi-disciplinary team comprised of licensed psychologists, board certified behavior analysts, certified teachers, clinical and educational case managers, behavior support specialists, a social worker and nurse, and a contractual physician and psychiatrist. The staff has many years of combined experience working with students with severe behavior disorders.

The goal of Summit Academy Enhanced is to improve target behaviors to the point that a student may return to a less restrictive setting – either within Summit Academy or in another school.

At Summit Academy Enhanced, parents are a critical partner in their child’s success. We will work with you to help your child achieve and maintain targeted behaviors outside of the regular school day, at home and in the community.

To learn more about Summit Academy Enhanced, please watch our informational video.