June 29, 2023

Former Summit student prepares for high school

“I think Captain America is my favorite,” Rocco said, as he showed off his new Marvel shirt.

It’s a gift he received along with his favorite snacks and a movie gift card to celebrate his last day at Summit Academy. This coming fall, Rocco will be heading to public high school.

“I’m really excited,” Rocco said. “I’m going to Emerson [School of Hospitality]. It has three floors, so it’s really big.”

Rocco’s teacher, Meagen Oquendo, said he has been a wonderful student, a great leader in class, and a good friend to his peers.

“Rocco is such a great kid with a huge personality,” Meagen said. “He’s playful, funny, thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable.”

This year, Rocco gained hallway independence at Summit Academy. This means a student can walk in the hallway to specific areas within the building with minimal staff supervision. It was a big step for him and a goal he worked hard to achieve.

As he enters high school, Rocco is looking forward to meeting new people and learning new skills. The class he’s most excited for: cooking.

“I’m excited to learn how to cook things and make a meal,” Rocco said.

In addition to his interest in cooking, Rocco also enjoys playing games like checkers and Jenga, watching movies with his family, and Taekwondo.

To celebrate his last day at Summit, the class held a small party for Rocco and enjoyed breakfast pizza, snacks, and games. His classmates and staff wished him the best of luck at his new school.

“We are so excited for what’s to come for Rocco and want to wish him the best on this journey as he enters high school,” Meagen said.