March 31, 2023

Logan’s Story

Logan’s face lights up when he is playing or interacting with his peers in his new classroom. He enjoys school as well as bowling, painting, and sports.

Last year, Logan was in a self-contained classroom. He displayed aggressive behaviors and could not use his communication device properly. His parents, Whitney and Tom, were told he would never be able to talk when Logan was diagnosed with autism at age 3.

Logan’s parents jumped into action to give Logan every support possible to help him succeed. With their help and a combination of center-based and in-home services through Summit’s Early Autism Program, Logan has grown by leaps and bounds.

He learned American Sign Language, started using his communication device, and now prefers using verbal communication. His aggressive behaviors have decreased and he has shown an interest in socializing with his peers.

“It’s incredible. I thought I’d never be able to have a conversation with my son, but he proves us wrong every day,” Tom shared.

During the summer, Logan entered an integrated classroom of students with and without disabilities for a trial period. After excelling there, he was permanently placed in the classroom this school year and his individualized educational plan (IEP) has been completely amended.

“We’re starting to get pieces of his personality now that he can communicate his wants and interests. It’s amazing,” Whitney said.