September 22, 2023


General News

Former student finds new opportunities to learn and grow

Benjamin loves playing outside, whether he’s riding his bike or relaxing on a swing. He enjoys swimming lessons in the summer and ice-skating lessons in the winter, with an interest in playing hockey one day. He likes learning about outer space and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

“He is a very intelligent, laid back, and soft-spoken boy, who also has a silly side to him,” describes Melissa, Benjamin’s mother. “He is shy, but he is never too nervous to greet everyone with a big smile.”

When Benjamin was 3 years old, his parents noticed that he did not participate in any activities at his school program. He was disinterested in socializing with his classmates and paced the perimeter of the classroom. He struggled with speech, fine motor skills, and sensory processing.

Benjamin underwent evaluation for a suspected autism diagnosis. During this process, a friend told Benjamin’s family about The Summit Center and how the staff helped her son make remarkable progress. Melissa reached out to Summit, and Benjamin began receiving services in January 2022.

During Benjamin’s time at Summit, he went from refusing to enter the classroom for the entire school day, to willingly participating in class each day, including group activities. He began to have play dates with friends outside of school.

“Benny’s speech and comprehension has improved dramatically,” Melissa said. “He went from saying one to two words to speaking three to four sentences at a time while engaging in full conversations with his friends.”

Melissa said Benjamin has less sensory sensitivities too, allowing the family to enjoy more public outings.

This year, Benjamin enrolled in a new school and is excited to learn more about his classmates. His family credits Benjamin’s team at Summit in helping him build the skills to succeed.

“The Summit Center means everything to our family,” Melissa said. “They have helped our son to live an easier, happier life.”