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February 7, 2021

Virtual Creative Arts Lessons

Sounds Games

Traditional Creative Arts Lessons

Music/Media Collaboration

Beginner Art Elective

Advanced Art Elective

Holiday Videos

Misc. Videos

Creative Arts Concert (Dated 6/24/20)

Handwashing Poem (Dated 6/19/20)

Dance Party Time (6/19/20)

Pig Lesson (6/15/20)

Cat Lesson (6/10/20)

Cow Lesson (5/28/20)

Elephant Lesson (Dated 5/15/20)

Hawaiian Landscape Lesson (Dated 5/15/20)

Creative Arts Frog Lesson (Dated 5/11/20)

Ladybug Lesson! (Dated 4/24/20)

Celebrate Earth Day! (Dated 4/23/20)

Are You Sleeping? Music Video with Ms. Kelly and Mr John. (Dated 4/14/20)

Coconut Beats with Ms. Kelly and Mr. John (Dated 4/14/20)

Paint a Picture with Ms. Kelly (Dated 4/9/20)

Make Some Paper Flowers with Ms. Kelly! (Dated 4/9/20)

Sing Along With Mr. Adam (Dated 4/7/20)

Create a Rainbow Project! (Dated 4/6/20)

Play Instruments Along with Ms. Kelly (Dated 4/2/20)

Freeze Dance with Ms. Kelly and Sing with Mr. John (Dated 4/2/20)

Ms. Kelly and Mr. John performing a song for you! Make your own instrument and play along. (Dated 4/2/20)