Parent Resources

October 27, 2020

Virtual Adapted Physical Education Resources

Drum Fit

ABC Fitness

Books That Make Us Move

Dance and Movement

Follow Along Fitness

Warm Up Routines



Misc. Videos

Chalk Lessons (Dated 5/11/20)

National Sports and PE Week (Dated 5/5/20)

Go on a Scavenger Hunt with Ms. Patti (Dated 5/5/20)

15 Minute At-Home Workout (Dated 4/29/20)

Movement Games with Mr. Vinny (Dated 4/24/20)

Fun Movement Warm-ups with Ms. Kate (Dated 4/20/20)

Movement Fun with Ms. Patti (Dated 4/16/20)

Work on Your Locomotor Skills with Mr. Vinny (Dated 4/14/20)

Ball Skill Activities (Dated 4/9/20)

Workout from home with Ms. Patti (Dated 4/6/20)

Workout from home with Ms. Patti!(Dated 4/2/20)